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Theology is a multifaceted science that offers excellent professional prospects. As a graduated theologian you can practice a wide range of professions, such as a spiritual caregiver in a hospital, prison or army. You can study theology at the TST or the PThU, at both universities you will be trained as a chaplain with a church mission (Protestant or Catholic).
Tilburg University
We are happy with your students’, our internship supervisors often hear. With the professionally orientated Master Theology at the TST you are thoroughly prepared to play a professional role of significance for people who need spiritual orientation or support. In the second year you do an internship: this way you will experience the future field of work in practice and you will receive intensive guidance from the study programme to become an expert in your field. After your master you can, depending on the chosen outflow profile, work as a spiritual caregiver or as a pastoral worker. You will immerse yourself in various theological and related academic disciplines, such as philosophy and social sciences; take professionally-oriented subjects; do an internship and complete your study with a master’s thesis. You will study Theology on the campus in Tilburg and in the city centre of Utrecht. It is also possible to study part-time.

Master Christianity and Society
In this master you learn to reflect critically on Christianity in the public space and the tensions that arise in the dialogue with modern society and world religions. The program links theological and religious sources of the past with current social, economic and political issues. Special attention is given to Catholic Social Thought, which deals with issues such as the relation between religion and state, and the contribution of capitalism to justice and happiness.

The master of theology at the PThU in Groningen offers a specialization in Pastor-Secretary who teaches the fascinating subject of spiritual counselor. Spiritual carers work in the public domain: care, first line, armed forces and justice. As a spiritual caregiver you guide people through questions of meaning and life in often difficult situations. The study in Groningen offers a broad orientation in theology, partly in conversation with students from different parts of the world. Specialization courses in spiritual care provide you with knowledge and skills to assist people professionally and knowledge of ethics to guide moral questions. In the program you will discover the relevance of theology for secular settlements. After the training, you will be qualified to apply for a job as a spiritual caregiver at an institution or with the government. At the same time, you can become a minister in the Protestant Church of the Netherlands (PKN) and acquire the authority to serve baptism and Holy Communion.

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