Conference Presentations

See below to download specific presentations that were held during the conference on February 25-26 2019 in Amsterdam.

Opening by Martin Walton
Key lectures
Jacques Körver‘Putting Chaplaincy Research into the Picture. The University Center Chaplaincy Studies and the Dutch Case Studies Project’
George Fitchett‘The State of the Art in Chaplaincy Research: Needs, Resources & Hopes’.
Steve Nolan ‘Lifting the Lid on Chaplaincy: A First Look at Findings from Chaplains’ Case Study Research’.
Gaby JacobsThe use of narratives in collaborative research.
Jan Willem VeermanResearching practices. Reflections on case studies research and beyond. Read also his article on the effect ladder in English.
Niels den Toom‘Oneself as Another’. Combining the roles of chaplain and researcher in the Dutch Case Studies Project.

Parallel sessions 1 & 2
1.1 Nika Höfler (GER) – 2.1 Cate Desjardin (US)
1.2 Katherine Piderman (US) – 2.2 Tjeerd van der Meer (NL)
1.3 Marja Went (NL) – 2.3 Lindsy Desmet (BE)
Parallel sessions 3 & 4
3.1 Corinna Schmohl (GER) – 4.1 Harrie Bols (NL)
3.2 Eric Bras (NL) – 4.2 Jeanne Wirpsa (US)
Parallel sessions 5 & 6
5.1 Jacqueline Weeda (NL) – 6.1 Carmen Schuhmann (NL)
5.2 Frieda Boeykens (BE) – 6.2 Katherine Piderman (US)
Parallel sessions 7 & 8
7.1 Paul Galchutt (US) – 8.1 Myriam Braakhuis (NL)
7.2 Loes Berkhout (NL) – 8.2 Kloppenburg, Jaggan, v Hemert (NL)

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