Post-academic education

Lifelong learning. In order to be able to continue to perform the profession of chaplain with pleasure and success, it is important not only to maintain the knowledge and skills acquired during the course, but also to broaden and deepen them. The PThU and TST have various retraining possibilities.
The UCGV is also involved in a summer school on research in chaplaincy.

Tilburg University
Luce / Centre for Religious Communication has the task of providing post-initial education and theological training for pastors and other professionals who come into contact in their work with questions about faith, meaning and ethics. In addition, it develops lectures, seminars, congresses and courses for other interested parties in theology, church and society.

Spiritual care has developed as an independent profession. The transition from church work is no longer self-evident. The context, roles and working methods differ. And specialized knowledge is needed that one does not simply acquire in practice. Anyone who would like to work in spiritual care from another professional field needs a training path. This is what the PAO-training mental care provides. Mental care is a diverse profession. They work with people from all kinds of social, cultural and ideological backgrounds. And the contexts can differ considerably: hospital, the military, the judiciary, care for the elderly, mental health care, care for people with a disability. The PAO mental care course therefore offers orientation in different fields of work and specialization in a field of your choice.

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